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Esfahan, Iran-March 2019 Young women at Naqsh-e-Jahan square.

I had talked about Iran to many people and they had always told me that (even if they had never been to Iran!) they knew that Iranian people were amazing. Well, it’s true!

The first reason to visit Iran is its people.
The Iranians I met were full of respect, love, curiosity, culture, education, and pride.
I realized how ignorant I was about this beautiful country, so similar to mine, and I found myself at home.

I traveled with virgin eyes, and it’s been a human experience, as every trip should be, building bridges between countries, and not walls.

Yazd, Iran-March 2019 Zoroastrian’s old lady portrait, inside her mud-brick house in the small village of Cham. She lost her son who was 58 years old, dead for cancer disease, 10 days before i met her. Relatives were coming for condolence on that day, but she opened her house to welcome me anyway.
Esfahan, Iran-March 2019 Cigarette man walking on a rainy night on the Pol-e-Khaju’s bridge.
Esfahan, Iran-March 2019 Iranian Family team. In front of the Sheikh Loftollah Mosque, in the beautiful Naqsh-e-Jahan Square .
Esfahan, Iran-March 2019 Young couple.
Varzaneh, Iran-March 2019 Young sheeps and goats’s sheperd outside the desert village of Varzaneh.
Varzaneh, Iran-March 2019 Salt lake mine’s worker on the Varzaneh desert.
Shiraz, Iran-March 2019Young seller at the Vakil Bazaar.
Esfahan, Iran-March 2019 Elderly ring seller.
Esfahan, Iran-March 2019 Long white beard man in front of the Masjed-e-Sheikh Loftollah mosque, in the beautiful Naqsh-e-Jahan (Imam) Square in Esfahan; one of the largest public plazas in the world.
Chak-Chak, Iran-March 2019 Zoroastrian guardian of the Chak Chak temple, built high above the desert floor, under a cliff, with annex a millenary old tree. Inside an eternal flame is kept alive.
Kashan, Iran-March 2019Bakery team at work at Kashan’s bazaar.
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Paolo Bona

Paolo Bona, was born in 1970 and began work as a photojournalist in 1993 working primarily for the Milanese daily ‘Il Giorno’ In 1994 he began a 13-year freelance association with the ‘Omega Fotocronache’ agency specialising in sports photography. In 2009 he became a stringer photographer for Thomson Reuters. In 2011 he started to contribute sport images to the agency Italy Photo Press. In 2012 he joined the LUZphoto agency.

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