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Grámosinn Glóir, Andrea Papi’s new fanzine out for Fugazine, offers a different view on Iceland

Photo Book, Grámosinn Glóir by Andrea Papi
Info > Year of publication: 2019 | Pages: 40 + cover | Size: 21.8×30 cm | Volume Price: 12€ | Book’s webpage
Publisher: Fugazine

“Í morgun söng ég í huganum
og hægra megin var landslag
og vinstra megin var landslag”

“This morning I sang in my mind
and to the right was a landscape
and on the left was a landing”

ICELAND: forget peatlands, northern lights and otherwordly landscapes.

In Grámosinn Glóir you won’t find the island commonly so vivid in the visual repertoire of your knowledge or imagination, but just clues for your guesses.

Grámosinn Glóir is a journey “within” the island and its souls: a human geography that defines itself in the balance between symbiosis and conflict, delicacy and asperity.


Paolo Cardinali

I run FUGAZINE, a little independent label based in Rome that produces photographic zines, exhibitions and events.

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