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Animal Voice

Animal Voice

This work is exploring an idea of “Animalness”, a state of ‘animal being’. This is a world, for us as humans, redolent with alienation. Here are two almost opposite reflections of this state. One, the world of other animals in our human-dominated world. As modern western humans we have largely cut ourselves off from other animals, except as food or pets. The other side is our relationship with our own ‘animalness’, again an arena fraught with doubt and disjuncture. But in the latter’s case, this ‘animalness’ is often not far from our moments of profoundest joy, connection or wholeness.

South Africa. Animal Voice, by Rodger Bosch

There is something so uniquely human about this disjuncture between our ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ worlds, between intellect and instinct. But it is a connection we mostly struggle with. It doesn’t fit in with ‘civilized society’, but, oddly enough, it is more apparent in young children, who haven’t yet been taught to put up these walls or boundaries in their beings.

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Rodger Bosch

I have worked as an independent photographer for almost 30 years. One aspect of my work has been in documenting current affairs, through shooting… More »

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