Poverty in wealth

Poverty in wealth
A pretty girl whose beauty in that ugly environment was unique sitting in a tent, the way she looked attracted my attention.

Bandar Abbas is the southern part of Iran. In this city, as one of the three economic hub of the country, millions of dollars are displaced in the city daily and all the big industries including Iran’s largest commercial dock, oil petroleum, steel mills, aluminum plants, bitumen factory and hundreds of factories and other large commercial centers are located in this city…there are people living in the suburbs who do not belong to the city.

Hassan had lost his father; his custody was given to a man named Vahid. Hassan was so kind, sweet and playful.

They come to the city in the winter and go out when it is hot. while they are living in one of the three wealthy cities in Iran, they do not live in a suitable condition. The children lack medical care, welfare, water, electricity and education.

Even most of the children do not have shoes or clothes. In this collection, some pictures of daily lives of these children are shot.

Mother of the family talked about their difficulties, sufferings, and unending problems
I don’t know his name, I didn’t want to take his picture. I insisted a lot on taking his picture.
I don’t know her relationship to the infant, but the little girl was takin care of the baby like a capable mother.
She was in her tent, I asked her to take a picture of her and she accepted on the condition that her picture be taken with such a pose.
The little boy was surprised for my presence, I could see that from the way he looked at me.
On day of my departure the children were running after me, a girl was running faster than anybody else.

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Mehdi Nazeri

Mehdi Nazeri Gahkani, and I was born in April 13th of 1988 in Bandar Abbas, one of southern cities of Iran. I started self-trained and experimental photography in 2012. First I started photography in the two category of photomontage and social documentary, which social documentary were gradually strengthened in my works. I have had various activities in the field of photography, among which I can mention holding solo exhibitions and attending domestic and international group exhibitions, winning several domestic and international prizes, authorship and teaching photography.

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