Tarquinia, Italia – Aprile 2019

Un viaggio per immagini e frammenti di visioni per raccontare un momento personale decisivo, perturbante e di grandi cambiamenti.

Temetti che non fosse rimasta una sola cosa capace di sorprendermi,
temetti che non mi avrebbe più abbandonato quella sensazione di tornare a tutte le cose.
Fortunatamente, dopo alcune notti d’insonnia, mi vinse di nuovo l’oblio.

I was afraid that not a single thing on earth would ever again surprise me.
I was afraid I would never again be free of all I had seen.
Happily, after a few nights of insomnia, I was visited once more by oblivion.

(L’Aleph, Jorge Luis Borges)

Shahrood, Iran – Agosto 2018
Tarquinia, Italia – Maggio 2018
Semnan, Iran – Agosto 2018
Tarquinia, Italia – luglio 2019
Caprarola, Italia – Giugno 2019
Gorgan, Iran – Agosto 2018
Shahrood, Iran – Agosto 2018
Shiraz, Iran – Agosto 2018
Tarquinia, Italia – Maggio 2019
Tarquinia, Italia – Giugno 2019
Tarquinia, Italia – Giugno 2019

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Nahid Rezashateri

I studied at the School of Art and then Graphic Design at the University of Sharood in Iran. I did an internship at the Cultural Association Kadre Sefid and designed books for children. I worked in an Iranian newspaper and an advertising magazine as a Grafic Designer. Also in Iran, I was the director of an artistic collective of the Sharood Cultural Office that was involved in the design of short films and animations: from this experience the two animations "Tanham" and "Adamha va Kalaghka" were born.

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