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Adriatic Life in Monochrome

Adriatic Life in Monochrome
Istria, Croatia – September 2019. Boats pass by the iconic seaside town of Rovinj, as two generations of fishermen prepare for the morning catch.

Aside from its modern day notoriety (thank you, Game of Thrones), Istria and the Dalmatia coast of Croatia has long been a battle ground for major European forces. Germany, England, France and particularly, Italy, have all played their part in its occupation, and it’s not hard to see why. Only since the conclusion of the second world war did the coveted land officially constitute Yugoslav territory, ultimately forming part of Croatia since the nations independence in 1991. Remnants of its conflicted past remain an ostensible influence along the Coast, largely in cuisine, lifestyle and faith.

Istria – September 2019. Despite overwhelming tourist numbers, the old city of Rovinj houses over 15,000 locals. Many of who sustain particular Italian influences in culture, food and language. After all, the city belonged to Italy pre-WWII.

This photo essay examines life along the Adriatic Sea, off the West coast of Croatia. Over a 4 week period, in a camper van, we travelled from the Northern city of Umag, near the border of Slovenia, to the deep south of Croatia. The selected images are presented in monochrome to amplify the nostalgia associated to the magical coastline but at the same time, intended to deliver a visually striking journey.

Istria – September 2019. Two boys play a game of football in the narrow, cobble-stoned, streets of Rovinj.
Dalmatia Coast – September 2019. Along the pebbly shores of Bol, a man prepares to join his family in the water below.
Dalmatia Coast – September 2019. Christianity heavily dominates the Adriatic coastline, and the rest of the Croatia. Albeit the Constitution declares freedom of faith nation wide.
Dalmatia Coast – September 2019. Seventy-nine islands make up the Dalmatia Coast. Travelling with a camper van means trips on a large ferry become all too familiar.
Dalmatia Coast – September 2019. Life on the road.
Istria – September 2019. With idyllic temperatures, crystal blue waters and plenty of space, the Adriatic coast is a popular getaway for many (Western) Europeans.
Istria – September 2019. Preserved medieval relics are found all along the coastline. Much of the old infrastructure now converted into suburban housing.
Dalmatia Coast, Croatia – September 2019. A sailing nirvana.
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Triv Andhare

I am an Australian experiential photographer. In 2016 I founded ahimsaimages as a platform to showcase minimalist, thought-provoking photography from around the world. Photography is a powerful tool that can inspire immeasurable change and help reconnect the human soul with a world that has been here far longer than humanity itself.


  1. I’ve been following your work for some time, this one is pretty special. I love the photos of Dalmatia Coast.

    Keep it up, Triv. What’s on the cards for your next photo essay?

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