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I Dreamed I Dream [A Fragment of Noir Narration]

I Dreamed I Dream [A Fragment of Noir Narration]

A part of my 2nd visual mixtape (audio visual photobook) called ‘Noir Narration’. In this project, I made an approach to understand about the complexity of human emotions, dissect the abstraction of it and package the dissected part into a physical form. Each of my Visual Mixtape have certain theme that labeled by a name that have color connotation to it (reference to Goethe {1810}). The Visual Mixtape consist of 6 track that have the functionality to drive audience feelings to reach those dissected emotion by enhancing 2 senses to perceived the work embodied by using photography work and arranging an audio mixtape from pre-existed song by another artist.

Bandung, Indonesia – August 2019

In my second visual mixtape, Noir Narration is the name that I choose to represent what I want to deliver. To be honest I am afraid to over-justified my works so what I can be says about what I brings in this craft is rotated around the idea of ‘self-awareness in negative manners’.

As a well-known understanding, certain emotions can only be experienced by getting through certain kind of events, and even the tiniest difference in each event can lead the shifting of the feelings that we had. Not to mention, how each person perceived the world also surely have major significant to shift how human feels. So, it is to truly feels what other feels and becoming truly empathetic is just nonsensical word? My statement in this craft is I believe that there are several core emotions that become the underlying cause of several specific emotions. my craft has an objective to touch those the underlying (core) emotions in order to make the delivery of it successful.

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Aditya Dwi Putra

I have perspective that material/synthetics achievement is kind of temporal achievement. Generally, my craft has an objective to capture an emotions in its raw… More »

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