Americana – Rainbows of atoms

Americana – Rainbows of atoms
Picture of the picture, john Ford’s Point, Monument Valley, Arizona

Americana was born during a long car journey of around 22,000 km across the United States. The initial idea was to document the American suburbs in the visual style of contemporary photography.

Confronting myself daily with huge spaces, however, I started to produce a series of images focused on form and matter. The infinite visual richness of these places soon took precedence over my initial projects, and of the initial idea of ​​social analysis there remains only a few discordant notes that manifest themselves in the contrast between urban development and the real, wild, nature of things.

This work is finished by printing the images in fine art quality, giving back to the images a physical dimension.

Flooded desert, Utah
Pick up, Milwaukee
Parachute, Colorado
Sunset, Wyoming
Nude Girls, Nevada
Fossil, Utah
Backdoor, Wisconsin
Air baloon, Arizona
Truck, Iowa
Storm coming, Wyoming
Rainbows of atoms, Nevada

Alessandro Avondo

I am running Naive Media, a little photo agency specialized in geography.

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