Wonderings in Spain

© Alessandro Avondo
Wonderings in Spain

People in the mist, Conil de La Frontera, Andalucia, January 2019

It’s 9 months I’m in Spain, I travelled as much as I could and I’m collecting images almost every week.

I’m attracted by Spain’s huge spaces and landscapes that reminds american West.

I began from Castilla la Mancha in October, is Don Quixote land’s, then Madrid, for 3 weeks, the winted was cold and so I moved south to look for a better climate…

I reached Seville in January, I’ve been hit by the beauty of this city and by the powerful cultural substrate of Andalucia. This is a kind of surreal land, close to Africa, rich of historical influencies from all the Mediterranean sea. here we are close to Gibraltar, the end of the world, and to Portugal too.

Here are some shots taken in the last months across Spain. Are fragments of moments and places.


Mezquita interiors, Cordoba, Andalucia, january 2019

Flamenco Show, Madrid, December 2018

Roman ruins, Merida, May, 2019

Train view, Madrid, January 2019

Metropol Parasol at night, Seville, January 2019

Callejon de l’Agua, Seville, March 2019

Circus, Seville, May 2019

Used clothes shop, Madrid, December 2018

Don Quixote characters, Campo de Criptana, October 2018

Country road, Castilla la Mancha, October 2018

Street view, Toledo, November 2018

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