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The author intentionally dispenses with depicting individuals, but people and their activities are nevertheless the centre of attention. Can you see or feel this?

The special colour hue rounds off the formal language and makes the picture’s message distinctive.

The critical observation of the present is also defined by a special sequential arrangement. The author tells his unfinished story via the selection of symbols and contours. It is a social criticism as well as a self-criticism of the individual.

This series reflects both the historical and the current aspects of life. It is an excerpt of life, a moment. Even though the pictures were not taken in any spatial or temporal context, a connection still exists.


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Dieter Schamne

Dieter Schamne (b. 1974) is german contemporary documentary photographer and visual artist. He is freelancer based now in Kiel, Northern Germany. He was graduated with diploma from university and do his work mostly in documentary and conceptual genre. His work has been published and exhibited internationally. The Artwork was sold to private collections too. Dieter Schamne is always looking for interesting subjects and great spontaneous moments.

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