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300 Gnomes

300 Gnomes

Wroclaw 2018

Situated on the banks of the Odra river, Wroclaw is perhaps the most charming city of Poland. The city is covered by a magic aura, that flows above the colorful and breath-taking market, the 130 bridges, and the parade of pastel-colored Renaissance mansions that are surrounded by gas streetlamps that are still lit by hand in a daily basis.

Wroclaw 2018

Hidden beneath the city’s gothic houses and baroque palaces, there is a tiny world waiting to be discovered. A legion of little creatures, each no more than forty centimeters tall, lurking in the passageways, peaking out from the doorways, and swinging from the lamp posts. Those creatures are so-called Gnomes.

Wroclaw 2018

Gnomes are among the mythical creatures that humans fear. Many of us may think that Gnome is an alternative name of Dwarf, but there are slight differences when it comes to their origin. The name Gnome was first introduced by the German-Swiss Paracelsus. He was an astrologer, botanist, and an alchemist of the 16th century. He described Gnomes as humanoid creatures who do not like interacting with humans. And because of their unsociable personality, they only live underground.

No-one knows just how many of these creatures exist anymore, but are officially estimated that there are no more than 300 hundred of these little fellas.

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I believe in the power of the image - it fascinates me. My father was a DP in film productions. Thus, due to stimuli in childhood, growing in an environment full of perceptions from Cinema, I've learned to respect the seductive power of the story which resides inside the image. After finishing my studies in Photography, I studied Film Directing, passing from Stills to Motion pictures. All my stories and characters are real, but at the same time, they might be fiction or dreams. I aim at informing the audience about the characters and their world and to initiate the viewer towards different interpretations of the structure and the outcome.

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