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Portraits as a mirror of the soul, photo essay by Omer Karim

Portraits as a mirror of the soul
photo essay by Omer Karim

A refugee, a Syrian child from Halab works in the one of City Bazaars to help his family. Image by photographer Omer Karim. Erbil, Iraq-April 2019.

Kurdish photographer Omer Karim is using his skills to spotlight the life of people in his country. He started photography as a passion, and now he immortals the moments of life as he sees and feels them. He gives a voice to those who are often unheard, every person he meets is like a new experience.These incredible people make him understand the life, and how easily we can help each other as mankind. They are more important to him than some photos, they are deep souls which make him change his views on life itself. His portraits have an artistic look, and the subtle difference of each person’s features shows his talent in photographing intimate portraits, and by way of these features, whether wrinkles reflecting age and wisdom or the of warm smiles of a children, viewers are attracted to the spirit of the sitter.Thus without any words He asks the viewers to look beyond the distinct place where a person lives and purely see the soul within that person.

After spending several years traveling around Erbil and its countryside, Omer has certainly seen a lot of faces. Intrigued by the nuanced, soulful people whom he met by accident. Omer began capturing these intimate expressions through artistic portraits. The result is a fascinating photography collection that captures, without words, the spirit of cultures around the region and by these wordless stories, the universal soul of human shines.

A thirteen years old boy living in the Town of Byara district. Image by photographer Omer Karim. Halabja, Iraq-October 2017.

A tourist comes from Kirkuk enjoy his time by visiting the City. Image by photographer Omer Karim. Erbil, Iraq-March 2019.

Imam and khateeb. Image by photographer Omer Karim. Erbil, Iraq-September 2014.

An eleven years old Arab child from a village near to Mosul. Image by photographer Omer Karim. Mosul, Iraq-May 2018.

An old man living alone in the City of Ranya . Image by photographer Omer Karim. Sulaymaniyah, Iraq-April 2015.

A Child participating in the Festival of Pir Shaliyar which is held every year in Hawraman . Image by photographer Omer Karim. Mariwan, Iran-February 2019.

A Child playing in an abandoned old house in a village near to Erbil. Image by photographer Omer Karim. Erbil, Iraq-june 2016.


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