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Geometric Origins

Geometric Origins

Kolkata, India – February, 2018. Strongest of all Shapes, Stablest of hierarchies.

The universe as we see it is full of complexities in every sector. These complexities always tend to blur our attention from the most rudimentary building blocks that lie within them. From my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the geometry lying within every substance in the world. No matter how complicated may the design be, they are always present as an arrangement of the most basic shapes and forms. I have always tried to avoid too much clutter in my life and surroundings. But, considering my geographical identity as a resident of one of the most populated zones of the world, I am not surprised that I have failed in doing so. Photography came to me like a gift in such a phase when I feel, I was being fed with too much of everything that was happening around without being able to digest even the slightest portion of it. Not being able to run away from all of this in real life, I made Photographs my refuge, in order to help me go back to the origins, to the same basic forms in which the Universe presented itself to me. These images mostly minimal in nature, composed of basic geometric shapes and forms, are a representation of how I have tried to see the Universe as well as how I have always desired it to be.

Kolkata, India – February, 2018. The supporting beams form a three dimensional truss.

Kolkata, India – May, 2018. A plane in between can easily change the paths we follow.

Kolkata, India – May, 2018. Either you see the light first only to move through darkness later or move through darkness without any certainty of the light.

Kolkata, India – May, 2018. Sometimes the path is the same, just the perspective is different.

Kolkata, India – May, 2018. Moving up is good but not so much that the aim is not clear anymore.

Kolkata, India – May, 2018. Everything around us keeps trying to achieve roundness.

Kolkata, India – May, 2018. To be round is the nature of the universe.

Kolkata, India – June, 2018. In the end, to be in a circle means you are lost.

Kolkata, India – June, 2018. The strongest of all forms and yet no more identifiable with reality.

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Sunavo Ghosh

A Photography and Travel Enthusiast interested in minimalist style images. I am currently a Engineering Undergrad at Jadavpur University, India and also a member… More »

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