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Anonymous Persona, Greece- March 2018.Can you be pride for your self when you are hiding your real face?

Every time i want to show something different. The only thing that i’m sure about is that i don’t want to give answers but to create questions. For me a capture should create doubts. Sometimes maybe i want to express all the feelings that i hide. Sometimes i want to concern the viewers, or to provoke them, or to disturb them. Even to create some negative feelings to the viewer or disturb them i believe that this is a way of creating some short of contact through your capture.

Anger, Greece – March 2018. Right to anger

Most of the times i’ m shooting without having any project on my mind. Taking into consideration my route in photography the projects come into my way randomly. These days i’m working on a project though. The idea of SHAME. I’m negotiating the corrupting ideas of the body, the right to anger, the anger itself, the violence and the mourning. It concerns the stereotypes, the traditional roles, the diversity, the original sin that hovers over the centuries, the fluid sexuality.

Suffocation, Greece- March 2018 Can you breath ? Can you handle the stereotypes?

The idea of SHAME was born one night last January in a hotel room in Budapest. For a long time it didn’t have a project. Not even a title. Neither a substance. It was hidden in a corner of my mind laughing secretly like every other despicable though. After sometime came a crucial point when the idea was fired. A break between reality had to place. The camera became a mediator between the unconscious and the existing.

The unit of photos is a kind of a personal confession, an imaginary, symbolic mirror that reflects fears, desires, fantasies, nightmares, memories. It is an ongoing project.

For it’s creation i had to retrieve my memories and other people‘s close to “borrow” stories or create them.

Desire, Greece- May 2019. Skin never lies

Fear, Greece – November 2018. The reflection of fear inside and outside

Existential Judgment. Break between reality and imagination

The Shaving. Feminine? Masculine? It depends..

Blind. A symbolic portrait of a woman

An imaginary trAveller, Greece.- April 2019. Sometimes you are hiding behind roles and faces trying to find the escape.

Gender, Greece- November 2019. When you try to accept your nature.

Voices, Greece – April 2019. When you can stop all the parallel voices from people

Rejection, Greece – May 2019. The fear of rejection

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Sofia Dalamagka

Born in 1984. She lives in Greece. In 2011 she attended photography lessons at the Zografou artistic workshop in Athens. Since then she has participated in group exhibitions, her photos have been distinguished in competitions and have been published in press and online. In 2017 she was an editor for and In 2017-2018 she attended the Supplementary Education Program of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens “Photography at Work Advertising". In 2018 she completed remotely attending Seeing Through Photography programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) and The Camera Never Lies at the University of London via the platform. From 2019 she is editor at

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