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Fisherman’s Daughter

Fisherman’s Daughter

Portugal, Cascais – February 2019. Atlantic Ocean


In fishermen it’s like this: it’s better to go fishing alone. Immerse yourself in the process. In silence. Without being distracted by extraneous sounds. Focus and imagine that you are pulling out a big fish.
“Somewhere there is your big fish!” – said my dad, since childhood hardening me to go towards my goal.
We had a difficult relationship. We are like two fish: trying to say something to each other, but do not understand each other.

Through this project, in silence, I try to focus and understand my dad. I am conducting a fictional dialogue with him.
Through his favorite hobby, through places where a person is left alone with himself and the world around him.

In this project, intertwined stories of sensations from different places. The story of the city on the water and life on the island. About the country at the other end of the world, where the salty ocean and fishing camps are. About my house, where I, being a little girl, first saw the morning mist on the water and how my dad fishes.

About other places where I will be and there will also be a lot of water.
It seems to me, wherever I am, I will always feel this invisible connection with my dad.
As if silence would say more than a thousands of words.

Portugal, Cruz Quebrada – February 2019. Girl Catherine

Portugal, Cruz Quebrada – February 2019. Fisherman’s camp

Portugal, Cruz Quebrada – February 2019. A rock

Russia, Lomonosov – January 2019. Fishing

Russia, Lomonosov – January 2019. Lighthouse

Portugal, Cruz Quebrada – February 2019. Fisherman’s camp

Russia, St. Petersburg – January 2019. A door

Russia, St. Petersburg – March 2019. A fish

Portugal, Cruz Quebrada – February 2019. Fisherman’s camp

Russia, St. Petersburg – January 2019. Neva River

Portugal, Cruz Quebrada – February 2019. A boat

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Dasha Raiskaya

Dasha Raiskaya photographer from Russia. Currently lives in St. Petersburg. By education an artist-designer. Since 2014, Dasha has consciously become involved in photography. She took off her first card at 6 years old on the Polaroid, with her grandmother holding an infant younger brother in her arms. Since then, Dasha has tried herself in various genres of photography. Now she has concentrated on portraits of people and on projects. Dasha is interested in psychology in all its manifestations. In her portraits, she tries to understand what people feel on the other side of the lens. She tries to catch a variety of emotions and show them, first of all, to these people themselves.

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