As a souvenir

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As a souvenir

Pavlovsk, Russia – February 2019

I’ve always wanted to travel, even to live on the trip for a while. I feel great on the journey, I don’t get tired, maybe therefore I often move, but if I decide to settle down one day, I will choose countryside. I’ m from a small town and I feel better and easier in the open and green, in the parks and old houses, as if I have already been there.

I moved to Saint Petersburg last autumn and visiting suburbs turned to be a small journey for me. Although previously it seemed you should definitely go to the other side of the world if you want to learn some new things, to admire something or get surprised.

While travelling I not only discover something new and extraordinary, choose, realize, learn, but also go back, and photography, as a souvenir, revitalizes long-forgotten and sometimes really small, but sweet images from my past.

Adel Akhunova
the authorAdel Akhunova
My name is Adele, I’m a geophysicist, however, I have always been interested in visual art. I explore our world and communicate with it through photography. Road theme and discovering new pastures is my focus now.

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