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When I dream…

When I dream…

The drunk man was in a hurry to leave the bus and pushed me. I have lost consciousness. There was a concussion. And after that I have become blind on one eye. I cried. I had a lot of questions: what for? Why? I had insomnia. I did not sleep at all. This went on for quite long time.

And suddenly I received a call from the Shelgunov culture house. I was offered to start a theater for the visually impaired and blind. I didn’t understand how I could do it. I am an actress not a director. But finally I’ve start the theater and we’ve called it “The Word”. A lot of very talented people joined to us. I was lucky that such talented people came to me.

When my fellow actors visited our performances they said: “No, they probably still see a little. Well, at least with the edge of their eyes?”.

No, they do not see anything. This work in the theater was the challenge which took me out of that dark state I was in then. And next year our theater will be 20 years old.

I am happy that I have such a good deal and I can help people. It is very interesting that with the blind I can speak as if we all can see. Of course, I am human, have problems, something doesn’t work out. Or I can lose something. But the most important thing is that I have beloved students who will come tomorrow. Helen will come, Victor, Valentina… I find all of this very interesting.

And most importantly… When I dream I see everything perfectly well. I can talk to a person and look at it close up. Or suddenly I see some landscapes, I’m going somewhere, or I’m by the sea… I wake up and enjoy it.


Novadays Zoya Dmitrievna lives in the House of Veterans of the scene in St. Petersburg. She is 87 years old. Every morning she goes to the theater to her beloved pupils. And a smile never leaves her face.



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