Non-Site. Town of Shlisselburg

Non-Site. Town of Shlisselburg

Sometime you find yourself at a place you did not expect to be at. The doors open, and you are “somewhere” now.

What do you see? What do you notice around? What do you feel and what will you experience here? Will it be the “Site” for you? Do you feel you could build a bond or some subjective relationships, or something that can make this “Non-Site” a “My Site”?

This is a town of Shlisselburg. Once I came here occasionally, without any intention. Bus doors opened, and I stepped out for the first time.

After that I returned to Shlisselburg many times trying to figure out if it was “My Site”. Still no answer…


Alexander Vorobyov

I was born in the USSR in 1978. I was a Digital Manager and worked for Russian Digital Companies as well as had some experience working in Eastern Europe. Painting and photography were always my passion. In July 2018 I went through critical health condition. As I recovered I felt determined to be fully focused on photography. I'm focusing on emotionless and non-judgemental observance of locations, scapes, objects and forms. I tend to decompose reality and try to clear it of any I-ness impurities by visual language.

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