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 Photo Book, AFTER MEANING #1 by Gianluca Ceccarini
Info > Year of publication: 2019 | Pages: 56 | Size: 21×29,7 cm | Volume Price: 10,00€  |  Book’s webpage
Publisher: Self Publish


© G. Ceccarini, 2019


“After meaning” is my ongoing autobiographical, fragmented and imaginative photo diary inspired by the interpretative theories about the memory of Bartlett, according to which memory is a constant “effort after meaning”.

Not an ability to store past data but a process of reconstruction that, start from interests and knowledge of the present, trying to reconstruct the meaning of memory.

Somewhere when dreams and reality, the past and the present meet, when digging the surface is useless because the surface is infinite and perhaps reinterpreting is the only possible way.

«Solo dopo aver conosciuto la superficie delle cose ci si può spingere a cercare quel che c’è sotto. Ma la superficie delle cose è inesauribile.» (Palomar, I. Calvino)

Editing: Nahid Rezashateri
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Gianluca Ceccarini

I studied Anthropology and in all the field research I've always used the camera because I am convinced that images have the strength to tell the complexity of reality often more than words. The images are semantic containers, the photos are always dense structures of meaning.

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