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Kisses in the Square, the universal Love

© Antonio Bonifacio

Kisses in the Square, the universal Love

I thought about this project several years ago when I looked at people in love on the street, they seemed unmindful about what was happening around, anything could have happened but their kiss would have protected them from everything.

I then convinced myself to realize the project by combining this feeling that I felt with the need to share a message right in this historical moment in which there is still a certain discrimination for love towards the same sex. The concept of universal love perhaps for a linguistic question in Italian is a little more difficult to perceive, we are the one country in the world in not using “love” for every title of affection, “Ti amo” is for the engaged couple, for all the others we say “Ti voglio bene”, so associating the same kind of feeling to different couples is perhaps more difficult.

The project wants to highlight how love has neither age nor gender. I chose couples who loves and I photographed them in different squares of Catania, among the people. I have specially used a shutter long time and a wide angle to give a sense of spatiality, to represent how during a kiss time expands around but for those who love it is like stopping. The message that I want to share is all love as universal love, at all ages, of any kind, including boyfriends, husband and wife, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, for pets.


Antonio Bonifacio
Antonio Bonifacio since an early age shows interest in art and music, at school excels in drawing and high school is passionate about the technique of chiaroscuro. It will be the passion for images and music to push him at the age of 14 to buy a video camera and experiment with the first video editing. Soon he will buy the first camera and the passion will become unstoppable. In the meantime he enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo where he deepened his studies in art history and refined his compositional skills. Travel in Spain, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Morocco and in the main Italian cities. In Palermo he comes into contact with the photographer Aldo Belvedere, Pentax Ambassador, with whom he will organize three photography courses. He then began working as a photographer exploring various fields and genres, from portrait to studio to still life, from street photography to landscape, but his greatest passion is undoubtedly that for portraiture in natural light.

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