India – Looking for stories, a travel diary

India – Looking for stories, a travel diary

INDIA RAJASTHAN 2016 – 9000 Couples for 3 days join in prayer around 9000 fires

The following photographs are included in a longterm project began Last February  2016 in India.

This is not a real story, every single picture  it’s only a fragment and a beginning of different stories, simply my personal travel diary or sketch book looking for stories to tell on next travel.

I took this photographs in different places, on chaotic New Dehli streets, through  the rural small village of Rajahstan until the low Himalaya

JAIPUR 2016 – An old lady hand bless a couple before wedding

INDIA 2016 – Muslim classroom in a small village in Rajasthan

INDIA RISHIKESH 2016 – A young women pick up stones for sale in a dry river

INDIA Jaipur 2016 – A woman with family work on the streets

INDIA 2016 – Street food in New Dehli

INDIA Rajasthan Jaipur 2016 – Truck drivers play card during their rest

INDIA 2016 – A store for advertising lettering in the centre of New Dehli

INDIA 2016 – Electrician Worker on the narrow street of New Dehli

INDIA JAIPUR ROAD 2016 – Women in a water well


INDIA PUSHKAR RAJASTHAN 2016 – Pushkar the Holy lake.jpg