India – Looking for stories, a travel diary

© Antonio Vacirca

India – Looking for stories, a travel diary

INDIA RAJASTHAN 2016 – 9000 Couples for 3 days join in prayer around 9000 fires

The following photographs are included in a longterm project began Last February  2016 in India.

This is not a real story, every single picture  it’s only a fragment and a beginning of different stories, simply my personal travel diary or sketch book looking for stories to tell on next travel.

I took this photographs in different places, on chaotic New Dehli streets, through  the rural small village of Rajahstan until the low Himalaya

JAIPUR 2016 – An old lady hand bless a couple before wedding

INDIA 2016 – Muslim classroom in a small village in Rajasthan

INDIA RISHIKESH 2016 – A young women pick up stones for sale in a dry river

INDIA Jaipur 2016 – A woman with family work on the streets

INDIA 2016 – Street food in New Dehli

INDIA Rajasthan Jaipur 2016 – Truck drivers play card during their rest

INDIA 2016 – A store for advertising lettering in the centre of New Dehli

INDIA 2016 – Electrician Worker on the narrow street of New Dehli

INDIA JAIPUR ROAD 2016 – Women in a water well


INDIA PUSHKAR RAJASTHAN 2016 – Pushkar the Holy lake.jpg

Antonio Vacirca
the authorAntonio Vacirca
Antonio Vacirca, 1972. Live and works in Buccheri (Sicily). Self -Taught Formation. After completing his studies at Professional Institute for Agricolture begin to be interested in photography and focus his attention on black and white social reportage and portraiture using the grandfather as model to study the human figure. On these last 10 years travelling along Europe, East Europe, Tunisie, Turkye, India, New York and living between Berlin and Sicily, creating differents personal projects concerning reportages and portraits of International and Italian celebrities of Music Arts Cinema as Patty Smith, Nick Cave, David Byrne, Wim Wenders, Vinicio Capossela, Giuseppe Tornatore etc…as well as emerging artists and common people.