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Ecological question

Trash: Highlight in the artistic dumps

Trash : Highlight in the artistic dumps.
Bullhead City, Arizona – October 2017. Trash, have you seen.

Today, the intensive and abusive use of resources and the release of waste into the environment contributes to the deterioration of our environment.
Every day the pollution increases, the human health is more and more put in danger and as we do not see it directly one does not care about it little. These changes have an impact on society, human health, the economy, living species, food production, tourism and ecology.

Vegas, Nevada – October 2017. Trash have you try.

The proliferation of wild dumps is a scourge of cities that is growing as the population grows. Thus Consequently, more than 35 billion tonnes of litter, along our roads, our rivers, our forests, our countryside, our beaches and many end their journey at sea, feeding the “continents” of ocean waste. Risks of contamination by pollutants via water in different forms (water, vegetables, small livestock, …).

Sierra Blanca, Texas – October 2017. Trash, have a seat.
Tucson, Arizona – October 2017. Trash, have you read.

This photographic series of some images is one of the parts of the work that I am currently doing on the ruthless world of rubbish. I wanted to highlight these “rubbish”, these dumps and garbage, playing a real role of a devastating link in the environmental chain. I wanted to give an artistic and refined turn in this series of photographic images, these “rubbish”, “melt” under my eyes.

Sunshine Canyon Landfill, United States, October 2o17.
©Pavel Cugini


Laughlin, Nevada – October 2017. Trash have you drink.
Vegas, Nevada – October 2017. Trash, have you try.
Needles, California – October 2017. Trash, have you drive.

Decomposition time of some common objects;

Paper handkerchiefs: 3 months,
Newspaper: 12 months,
Fruits and vegetables: 2 years,
Cigarette butt (with filter): 12 years,
Chewing gum: 5 years,
Candy paper: 5 years,
Nylon fabric: 40 years,
Leather shoes: 80 years,
Tin: 200 years,
Plastic lighter: 200 years,
Textiles: 600 years,
Aluminum can: 800 years,
Plastic bag: 850 years,
Plastic bottles: 900 years,
Disposable diapers: 900 years,
Phone card: 1000 years,
Battery: 8000 years,
Glass Bottles: 2000000 years,
Tires: Non-biodegradable,
Household Hazardous Residues: Non-biodegradable

Sells, Arizona – October 2017. Trash, have you smell.
Holbrook, Arizona – October 2017. Trash, have you drive.
Vegas, Nevada – October 2017. Trash , have a seat.

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Pavel Cugini

Photographer for Icrc, Cern, Ifrc, Bcge, Rolex and many more. Live and work in Geneva.


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