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Student Protest of Bangladesh 2018

Student Protest of Bangladesh 2018
Dhaka, Bangladesh -August 2018. School students form circles together and erect the national flag of Bangladesh in the Mirpur 10 circle of the capital.

On 29th of July a speeding bus killed two students of Shaheed Romijuddin Cantonment College in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh who were waiting for a bus in front of their campus. Road safety has always been very poor in the country for a long time.

The incident sparked a nationwide protest demanding road safety in Dhaka and all of Bangladesh. High school students blocked the main intersections and roads of Dhaka and other cities across the country. They essentially took the responsibilities of traffic sergeants during the protest and forced all vehicles to follow lanes, made pedestrians who tried to cross the roads dangerously use overpasses properly, as well as creating an emergency lane for ambulances in major roads.

The protest gradually stopped after the Prime Minister of Bangladesh sheikh hasina assuring the student’s justice to the ones killed by the bus. But incidents of attack on students during protests and in some private universities, a photojournalist being hacked on street as well as several allegations of protestors being kidnapped raised some serious questions about how the government tackled the issue as well as the very limited rights of mass media during the protest.

I was on the streets of Mirpur on 4th and 5th of August to document the protest as an amateur photojournalist. These photos show some of the moments during the protest.

Dhaka, Bangladesh -August 2018. Thousands of students from different high schools of the capital join the protests in the Mirpur 10 circle.
A high school student raises the national flag of Bangladesh.
A high school student raises his fist and voice during the protest.
Police blocking the road to Mirpur 1 to stop protestors from reaching Mirpur 10.
An APC armed with water cannon of DMP(Dhaka Metropilitan Police) standing by opposite of the police position in Mirpur 1
Students of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) form a human chain during the protest in front of their campus at Mirpur 1.
National flags of Bangladesh being flown by students at Mirpur 10 circle.
Students Helping an ambulance pass through the blockage by waving and signalling their fellow protesters in Mirpur 10 circle.
Students of high school wearing face paint and holding banners during the protest.
Students seized a truck of DMP(Dhaka Metropilitan Police) without proper license paper.
Dhaka, Bangladesh -August 2018. Students of tribal origin raised placards demanding justice for rape victims in hilly areas as well as the main protest on road safety.

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Saptarshi Nath

I am an amateur photographer from bangladesh. I am passionate about documenting daily lives and finding the extraordinary from everyday objects and people.

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