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It is an impulsive answer. A continuous YES and NO. A wink. A transmitter-receiver relationship. The light, the look, the expression, the body. Its like walking on a tightrope. A common face seems like an easy access. A window in the mirror. An almost unconscious participation. It’s a photo, a portrait.

The portrait looks like an easy case since its main theme is the human element. However, it is difficult to overcome the surface of a face, to transfer feelings through it, memories, meanings, emotions. Perhaps that is why the most interesting faces for a photographer are those we call “common”, ordinary (if we can use these adjectives when we refer to human faces, as by definition every face is unique).

The model is the motive and should remain the motive. Every effort to flatter its image, effort of mobility or active participation of the model, may change the outcome of the game.  The photographer is the transmitter who will transfer waves to his model in an indefinite and discreet way, in order to receive a reaction from the model that will interest him and move him.

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Costas Masseras

Photography is the way to bring reality close to my standards. If I can't change it, I can barely transform it, good enough in order to compromise with it. Stating from the beginning what is important and what is not, what could be regarded as beautiful, or ugly, what would be funny or sad. It is a try to put in order all things of this chaotic world around me and inside me. As a collector of everyday images, I have learnt study photographs around me. Images introduce another way of communication. What is entitled inside the frame's four angles, presuppose the aesthetic viewpoint of the creator. So my photographs refer to others, but still speak enough about me. They constitute my best curriculum vitae.

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