Photo Exhibition

We need no education

Photo ExhibitionWe need no education
from 13th June 2018  to 15th July 2018, opening: from 9h to 23h • Free entry
Les Rotondes  – Place des Rotondes, Luxembourg L-2448 – Luxembourg

Drummers from ultras group in Casablanca, The Winners, during a match in Casablanca. © Giovanni Ambrosio

We need no education

A portrait of the youth of the Arab world

The forecourt of Rotondes, a multidisciplinary center in Luxembourg City, hosts a photo exhibition unveiling part of the culture of ultras football fans with their norms, codes, rituals, slogans and instruments. A closed and secret world opened its doors for Sébastien Louis (researcher) and Giovanni Ambrosio (photographer), specialists of this youth movement. From Sakhnin (Israel) to Casablanca (Morocco), from Algiers (Algeria) to Al-Khalil (Palestine) via Tetouan (Morocco), the Ultras show how of the youth of the Arab world wills to emerge as major social actor

An exhibition as part of From Russia with Love – The 2018 World Cup at Les Rotondes

The group Verde Leone waits for the beginning go a game in Algiers. © Giovanni Ambrosio

Commissioned by les Rotondes
We have 5 cities, each with 12 pictures. Casablanca, Algiers, Al-khalil, Sakhnin, Tétouan. For Casablanca we show how the city is shared by Winners (Wydad) and by groups supporting the Raja : Green Boys, Ultras Eagles, Derb Sultan. The documentary pictures are mixed with some staged pictures. For Tétouan we have 9 portraits : six members of Los Matadores, 3 portraits from members of Siempre Paloma, 2 scenes in the stadium, and one staged scene with a banner from Siempre Paloma. In Algiers we tell about one specific group : Ultras Verde Leone in their life before, during and after the matches. In Al-khalil we are with Ultras Khalele during a match in Bethlehem and straight after at the group meeting point in the center of Al-khalil. Eventually, in Sakhnin we spend some days with Ultras Sakhnin starting from a match day.

A remember of Ultras Sakhnin just before a game. Sakhnin is a city in north of Israel where the majority of inhabitants are Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. © Giovanni Ambrosio

Giovanni Ambrosio

Born in 1978 in Naples and based in Paris. I like the feeling of being a stranger, I like to go beyond thresholds. I hold a master of French and Portuguese literature in Italy and a master of Cinema society and literature in France. In 2010 I started my career as a professional photographer and artist. My personal projects are works based on classic genres of art photography which I use to refer to in latin: effigies, spatium, argumenta, naturae mortae, abstracta. Photography is one of my favorite materials, it is cheap, very easy to work on and, given its electronic nature, it can always be fully reshaped. I also develop a body of works based on a kind of minimalist painting in which gesture, paint, paper are on the same level. Photography eventually steps in to gather all those elements into sedimented mixed media. On the other hand I work on photography, graphic design and communication assignments: I call them studio.

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