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Maritime Traffic

Maritime Traffic

90% of the products sold on the planet have been transported by sea. At this precise moment, thousands of ships sail the seas of the whole world carrying goods and people.

The marine traffic crosses the seas and oceans that occupy 70% of the planet’s surface. There is a world of water that is the land of ships and crews.

It is worth exploring, with an “on going” series creating a collection of material without end and without expiry. It is worth to portray these fascinating ships that, slow and silent, appear at dawn in the ports to disappear, full of mystery, in the mists of the evening. And on the earth, around the ports, stories of human coexistence with ships and the sea develop. The movements of people’s lives intertwine with marine traffic. And in a moment of distraction from our personal private stories we realize that big ship that is leaving the port. And our personal horizon is lost in the larger one that is proper to the sea and we are free to enjoy this great mystery.

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Alessandro Avondo

I am running Naive Media, a little photo agency specialized in geography.

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