From Brussels with love

From Brussels with love

In November 2015 my father invited my to his wedding.
I decided to get some color films to load my Leica M2 but I was not able to finish a single one.
Then I went back to Corsica for a reportage project.
That was nice to photograph with colors.
So I took these films with me on my daily walks in French and Belgian cities.

This is from Brussels with love.

Questions and Answers with Nathanaël Fournier

Photography is…
Photography is my best reason for not having a full-time job.

Photography and writing…
I’m a photographer because I’m not a writer. And I’m still a great reader.  I remember that quote, something like “you can’t make great photographs without reading greats books”.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
A: Some years ago I would have answered my friend Jérôme.
He’s not a photographer anymore.
Nowadays I don’t know. Because of Internet, I’m looking at too much photographers.
And I don’t even have one photo book in my luggage. That’s not good for my eyes.
This month I really like Jill Freedman, Sébastien Van Malleghem and Charles Petit.

Nathanaël Fournier

Nathanaël Fournier

(1982) - Photography is my best reason for not having a full-time job. I’m living in Wanderland. 

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