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Time machine (2005) • These pictures were taken when I was a college student, using all the meager photographic skills and knowledge I had and look immature to me now. I would first compose a mental picture and then go out to realize it with a camera. I focused mostly on the visual effects and didn’t really think about anything else. I relied on 3D software to achieve the results I wanted. Technically speaking, they are quite rough. But I did carry out this project in great earnest, which is the best part about these pictures to me now. After all, they are records of the creativity of a younger me.
时间机器 这组图片是大学期间用当时所掌握的一点技术水准和对画面浅薄的把握能力制作的,现在回头看来确实很稚嫩,主要的制作手法是先构想一个画面然后去实拍,主要的思路其实是放在了视觉层面而没有过多的去想比较深的东西,再辅以三维软件来实现最终的想法,虽然在技术层面看起来比较粗糙,但态度却很真诚,这在现在看来应该是这组图片所留下的最宝贵的层面了,毕竟是对当时创作状态的一个定格并保存了下来。

Li Si > He studied in the Department of Photography in Printmaking School of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Five years ago, he started to work in Crysalcg.
西安美术学院版画系摄影专业; Crysalcg工作5 年。

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