Mal di Ladakh

Mal di Ladakh

I am convinced that the change that takes place within ourselves can start from detachment from the places of our birth, and this can happen only for a set of factors already written and marked. Move away from the places and people around us knowing that we bring our house inside, and that we can feel at home everywhere.

Leh, Ladakh (India)- August 2017

The meeting …
Every place visited gave me something, and everything translates into a sort of inner peace in this ocean of contradictions and restlessness in my soul. Faces that for a few moments have met mine: children who greet you with their hands and a smile, women who bend down to hide behind colored scarves, men on the sides of the streets digging streets with their bare hands, elderly people sitting in apparent idleness.


Roberta Pastore

I'm born to Rome in the 1965. Photography is the passion of my life, it has helped me to go through some difficult moments and I have come to consider it as a “cure”. By the means of photography and of the photographic projects of mine I have started an analysis about the relationship with myself and about the problems one has to face living in our industrialized society.

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