Julia Borissova – Maybe an Island

Photo ExhibitionMaybe an Island
  Art-village Vitland, Kaliningrad 238520, Russia.
from 25/03/2018 to 10/04/2018   11.00-21.00
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Julia Borissova, the exhibition “Maybe an Island”.

“Maybe an Island” is a project documenting my trip to the Kaliningrad area in March 2018. I didn’t have any planned route for my journey and followed the suggestions of the people I met. This work was created as a sequence of diverse images of the place, located in the westernmost point of Russia, between the two European states. This is a melancholic journey and a visual diary of what surrounded me. Every night I listened to the sound of the Baltic Sea, and I felt as if I were on an island or on a ship. With photography I wanted to capture this sense of isolation and find a trace of the lost time.