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Everyday life’s value

The look, Paris.

Everyday life’s value
by Nathanaël Fournier

I just completed and edited a project started in 2008.
It’s called “Everyday life’s value”.

In 2008 I spent 6 months working in a restaurant then in a library.
I was saving money to buy my first Leica camera.
These photos are from the first 2 years of making photography on the streets of a few French cities including Paris, Toulouse and my hometown Lille.

After moving from Lille to the South of France I decided to wander with my backpack and my camera from town to town.
One day I felt asleep on a train to Perpignan. I was on my way to take part in VisaOff photofestival and to exhibit some of theses photographs.

When I woke up all my stuff were stolen. Not any money, i-d card or camera left !!
Then I went to Corsica and lived in a hut and didn’t take a single photo for months.

The name of this project comes from a quote on a poster that we can read on the “Camus, Toulouse” photo. It is written Donnons de la valeur au quotidien: Let’s give value to the everyday life.

Grande-Rue Saint-Michel, Toulouse.
Graffiti, Toulouse.
Dunkerque Avenue, Lille.
Capitole Square, Toulouse.
Underground, Toulouse.
Esquirol, Toulouse.
Camus, Toulouse.


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Nathanaël Fournier

Born in 1982 in the North of France. I'm now living in the Creuse countryside still looking for everyday moments and streetlife. More »

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