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Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower
by Arafat Siraji

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest unbroken beach. She is also known by the name Panowa , whose literal translation means, “yellow flower.” Its other old name was”Palongkee”. It is also a favorite tourist destination for the country people.

Although being a favorite tourist spot this beach is largely visited from various part of the country and remains one of the major attractions for holidays. I had been visiting cox’sbazar from my childhood because beach had been always a lovely and fun place for me. And I have a feeling in my every visit that, there is some kind of warmth, affection and madness in that salted air. Moreover this place is a famous honeymoon place of the country. Lots of lovebirds visiting cox’sbazar each day.
People who are newly wed, Couples who are enjoying an escapade from their in the beach. I am observing the love and relation between the people amongst themselves and the landscape of the beach from very long time. In my work I simply try to bring out their fantasy of visiting cox’sbazar with their partners and tried to portray them in an intimate way. And also preferred some landscape because that was significant for me to create the mood of that place.

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Arafat Siraji

Arafat Bin Siraji, born in Chittagong, Bangladesh at 1989. He was studied Photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. Now he is working as… More »

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