The bright side of life

Saint-Martin-de-Pallières, France 2017
Saint-Martin-de-Pallières, France 2017

The bright side of life
by Nathanaël Fournier

I just completed and edited a project I’ve started in 2008.
It is called “The bright side of life”.

In 2008 I was living in my hometown Lille in the North of France.
Since then I was wandering on the streets from Brussels to Barcelona, always looking for street scenes and moments of everyday life.

All these photographs were shot using Leica film cameras and rolls of Kodak TMax.

The Monty Pythons used to sing :
“… always look on the bright side of life
Always look on the light side of life”.

Lille, France 2008
Locals & Tourists, Barcelona, 2017
Avignon, France 2017
Lomme, France 2008
Anderlecht Market, Brussels, Belgium 2017
Fancy Fair, Lille, France 2008
Lille, France 2008
Butterflies, France 2008
Marmande, France 2008
Tourcoing, France 2008
Nathanaël Fournier
(1982) - Photography is my best reason for not having a full-time job. I’m living in Wanderland.