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Terra Incognita, exploration of a visual and poetic territory

Photo book : Terra Incognita. Autor(s): Sabrina Ambre Biller & Lior Nadjar.
Year of publication: 2017 | Pages: 70 | Size: 21×15 cm | ISBN: 979-10-310-0353-5 | Volume Price: 12,00€ | More info
Publisher: Les Presses Littéraires

Terra Incognita” is the exploration of a visual and poetic territory.

Through images by Sabrina Ambre Biller and texts by Lior Nadjar, “Terra Incognita” is outlined the portrait poetic of these photographic moments of meditation with nature. Poetry and intuition shape the delicate photographs of Sabrina Ambre Biller and the texts of Lior Nadjar.

These photographic moments is trough by the fragility of emotions and revealed strange reality or a vision which emerges from deep inside the subconscious. The nature is present in her photographic works and take us to moments of introspection or meditation, the question of the place of man arises at every moment. An alchimic quest for bring back of elementary on the feeling fundamental of life.

“Terra Incognita” by Sabrina Ambre Biller & Lior Nadjar, photo book published by Les Presses Littéraires, nov. 2017.

The book “Terra Incognita” printed edition published by Les Presses Littéraires  : www.lespresseslitteraires.com
You can see photo essay of “Terra Incognita” on here.

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Sabrina Ambre Biller

I am a french independant photographer living in Ousse-Suzan, Southwest of France.

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