Scotland: inside or outside?

Isle of Skye, Scotland – July 2017.

Scotland: inside or outside? photo essay by Andrea Giubelli

Your EUrope United Kingdom

Scotland has an unofficial (but many loved) anthem, Flower of Scotland, that comes sing and played in international sport events.

This lyric is many known and popular by Scottish people: it speaks about a battle against the English army in the year 1314; and this text speaks about a proud people, strongly tied to his land and his traditions. In the lyric, even the words “a little bit” and “to” are changed with the words “wee bit” and “tae”, typically used in the Scottish language (but the text is in English, not in Gaelic, because every people, out of Scotland, have to understand the words…).
But Scotland is a Country in equilibrium between traditions, nature and modernity, between United Kingdom and Europe, and after the brexit this division it’s increased. And many people don’t know where to stay: inside or outside United Kingdom? Inside or outside Europe? Scotland looks at North Ireland, Wales looks at Scotland, and Europe looks at United Kingdom and its problems that could become other problems for the UE.

Edinburgh. The Scottish flag in front of the Canongate Toolboth.
Edinburgh. The new palace of the Scottish Parliament, just in front of the Royal Palace.
Going back from a meeting to Royal Palace.
Plockton. Teapots in a house of a village on the west coast.
Isle of Skye. Scottish people love tea, wherever they are…
Isle of Skye. A phone cabin on a desert road.
Isle of Skye. Another symbol of Scotland and its traditions.

Andrea Giubelli

I’m an italian amateur photographer. I have collaborated with Innovation Norway, Trimaran (France) and some images of my trips were published in several web magazines.

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