Takengon the coffee producing village


Takengon the coffee producing village, photo essay by Muhammad Hidayat

It was Saturday, on a sunny afternoon in late 2017, with six of my friends traveling from Banda Aceh to one of the villages located in the Gayo highlands. According to the history of the Village this became the first choice of the Dutch for the experiment of planting a commodity called coffee after the entire Aceh land was successfully conquered in the past. But who would have thought, this village is now one of the largest coffee suppliers in Indonesia.

Takengon, so the village is called.

Takengon is located over 1200 meters above sea level. The average population depends on fishing from Lut Tawar fishing and coffee gardening. This is where I step aside to share time with my friends. Forget for a moment the usual boring day routines. Approximately twelve hours of time we spent here. Not long indeed. But there are many new things that we find. Enjoy the naturalness of a settlement within which is populated by the inhabitants who keep it strong.

Muhammad Hidayat
(1982), Muhammad Hidayat born in Manado North Sulawesi - Indonesia January 2, 1982. He currently works as a finance section staff at government office in Banda Aceh. Began to pursue photography seriously in December 2015. He is very focused on the Fine Art and Expressionism photography. Currently entrusted as curator in several community-based photographic Instagram. For Him photography is not just pressing the shutter button, but how to play with pouring out your feelings and imagination.