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Ruins from the Old World

Bavella, Corsica

Ruins from the Old World
by Nathanaël Fournier

Eight months ago I found in a suitcase I left in Liège (Belgium) a dozen of films from 2014.
For this forgotten essay I used rolls of Ilford Pan 100 and a point-and-shoot film camera.
I wanted to make my photographic process easier. It was reminding me when I started photographing with a little camera I borrowed from my girlfriend 12 years before. At this time I didn’t even know who Cartier-Bresson or Winogrand were !

Using a point-and-shoot camera is really not the same to me than shooting with a rangefinder camera.
I just have to frame and to click the button, no need to think about settings or results.
The only problem is that a lot of photos were totally failed because of that low-speed film I had chosen.
Northern France where I come from and Belgium are known to be cloudy yet!

The essay’s name is from one of the first photo I shot: a chalk graffiti on Saint-Lambert Square in Liège.
It was written “Les Ruines du Vieux-Monde”: Ruins from the Old World.

It was about street-photography and wandering, it was about myself and the people, it was about loneliness and the modern world.

Unfortunately this project ended when I broke my camera.

Self-Portrait, Lille
Road Trip, Corsica
Crescendo, Marmande
Punk Love, Paris
White Hair Lady, Liège
Ruins from the Old World, Liège
Black Bird, Paris

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Nathanaël Fournier

Born in 1982 in the North of France. I'm now living in the Creuse countryside still looking for everyday moments and streetlife.

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