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Berlin After Dark

Berlin,Germany – December 2016 – A man smoking in front of a store
Berlin After Dark
by Sebastian Jacobitz

“The photos were taken during the Christmas Time in Berlin. The Ku’Damm is enlightened with all the Christmas decoration and offer a unique opportunity for this kind of Street Photography.

Often times we feel less motivated during the winter. Especially for photography, there seems this prejudice that we need good light in order to create good photographs. Often times I even hear that Street Photographers don’t want to go out for a photo walk when it is a little cloudy or rains a bit.

With this series, I wanted to challenge myself. Street photography is always possible no matter the circumstances. Wherever I go I take the camera with me. A small RicohGR makes that possible.

Since street photography is about life and life mostly happens on the Christmas market during that time of the year I wanted to show the different facets.

Some people are more joyful because of the delicious hot wine. Others seem more lost in thought.
Either way, the light of the festive decorations in the background allowed me to create these blurry images.

With the flash in my hand, I am my own master. I don’t need to rely on the sun upon illuminating the scene, but I can consciously direct the focus.

Street photography with a flash is also way easier than expected. If you haven’t tried it out, don’t miss that opportunity.”

Woman standing in front of Desigual store
Business Man leaving a garage
A blurry shopping cart
Lights on a face
Concerned gaze into the darkness
A playful couple in front of the KaDeWe
A heart on a christmas market

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Sebastian Jacobitz

Street Photographer from Berlin and member of Berlin1020. Also sharing my thoughts on my Blog Streetbounty

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