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The Documentary Project with Matt Eich

Workshop: The Documentary Project with Matt Eich
from to , August 1-10, 2018
Venue: Spazio Labo’ Centro di fotografia, 41 Seabring St, Brooklyn, New York 11231, United States
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©Matt Eich

Photo Workshop New York (PWNY) is very proud to present a new workshop format for its 2018 edition: the site specific collaborative workshop. From August 1st to August 10th, 2018, “The Documentary Project “ workshop will be focused on a specific neighborhood of Brooklyn, Red Hook, where a group of students led by the expertise of photographer Matt Eich will work on different individual stories with the bigger goal of building a cohesive body of work about the places and the people of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

During the intensive 10 days of workshop, Matt will show his approach to documentary projects and his working methods to the group of participants.

The class will focus on documentary as a way of story telling, the issues of documentary photography will be addressed in a broader context, with a focus on sequencing – putting together groups of photographs to create a coherent body of work ready for presentation.

The participants will look at the content of their personal projects around the Neighborhood, analyzing the treatment of their subject matter as well as the editing and sequencing of the images they will produce.

Matt will direct the group through sessions of group and individual shooting, personal reviews, group critiques, mentoring and editing sessions providing the opportunity to learn and improve one’s photographic skills of storytelling.

References will be made to the work of other contemporary photographers, in order to inspire participants throughout the workshop.

The final goal will be to produce a comprehensive project about Red Hook, seen through the eyes of the different students and their different interests and abilities.

The individual stories will be thought and produced as a collective project that will be edited in a multimedia piece, publicly showed at the end of the workshop.

More information about the workshop and details for applying are available here.

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Laura De Marco

Curator, educator. Founder of Spazio Labo'|Centro di fotografia and Photo Workshop New York.

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