I might be up

India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Celebration in ashram Gayatri Pariwar. 2015.

I might be up, photo essay by Platon Terentev

A part of book “Indian diary”.

I might be up. Cheers to God if you’ll see him. Believers often fall for the bait of their frankness – they start to believe everything: tsar, government, profit of yoghurt and the other shit, which is a lot. Not a few. I might be keen to feel, sense. I might to recognize the God – to walk with him in a forest, to sit on a bank or to drink tea. After drinking tea – everything in general becomes more understandable.

The city sight (Mumbai) from the hill top. The building site. Through the window. The picture if framed with a concrete. Geometry. The tree in the middle – through the branches – the noise of through-passages, car lights, faraway high-rises draw up a rhythm, from a distance they look not so huge. The wind sways branches and foliage. Leaves filter the city noise. They sway without a hurry, they let you observe them and listen to the arteries inside. To remember all the movements. To go across the rise field, to cut across the sunflower fields, to become amazed due to the greens of various colors and snow along the field edges. To climb onto your first tree, yet in childhood, and to sit there, but after to build the little house, just not to be noticed, but to observe the surroundings comfortably (the bird cherry ripens, you will notice the most crowded branches). To walk out to the field, to shovel the cut grass – the scent (beautiful) saturates everything around and impresses inside for ever. Do you feel? From somewhere below an eagle flies up. He flies by the tree with his wings spread for the second. Is it possible that eagles fly above such a huge and dirty city? No, of course. Still, there isn’t any city. It comes calm. You come to know that all these moments are movable. To pick up a puzzle, to cut the stone. The time is for clearness, to not to become confused, the least – here and now, at the same moment – the top of your world. Now it is clear, for whom the wind blows, the foliage sways, rivers flow and cities with temples built. The white butterfly flied in. The man says – butterfly is knowledge. It’s time to drink the glass of cold water.


India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Hands of hermit. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Morning ceremony “yagya” in ashram Gayatri Pariwar. 2015.

Buddhism is just praxis inside some spiritual way. Hinduism claims to be the way, but it is just a word. Religions. Body practices. To check a thesis – all the religions are fucking over. There is a way of spiritual development, which is about learning to see the reality as it is; and it is possible (to come for it) through observation of your body.

About the belief. The desire of all wishes to become true is a mistake. It is said that the god created a human in the image and likeness of him. But the version about people who created god in the image and likeness of them sound more truly. If someone claims being devoted to Jesus Christ – it’s great, as Jesus Christ is great. He died in torments, crucified. When he was tortured, he didn’t have a shadow of evil or disgust for those people – only love, only compassion. – They do not know what they do, they exist in ignorance. Let them not be punished for the evil they create. All in all, what is God? God is love. Someone says – I am devoted to Buddha – it is wonderful to be devoted to Buddha – completely enlightened and free. It is good until once in the morning this person would three times say – “I take refuge in a Buddha” and start thinking himself free. It is madness. The one who don’t make efforts and hopes that in some magical way he or she would become enlightened – mistakes. Every human have to work hard himself with his enlightenment.

India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Stones of Ganga. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Villagers harvested brushwood on the banks of Ganga. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Village women. 2015.

The refusal of reaction in favour of acting. The refusal of interpretation. The less I speak the more I say. The less I interpret the reality the more I realize it. The dzen-parable. Teacher-disciple – matter of course. The disciple asks – how to reach a desired – teacher says – clouds hid the moon, clear? – disciple – no – teacher – so go to meditate for 8 years –time passes – the disciple – I realized, that clouds are ignorance which hid the eternal light in our age of technology – teacher – no, you didn’t understand. go for more 8 years of meditation – time passed – the disciple – hello, teacher – teacher – so what, did you catch it? – disciple – yes, I did – teacher – so what? – clouds hid the moon.

India, Jaipur. Dhamma Thali meditation center. Bed. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Hermit. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Hermit. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Ganga. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Village. 2015.
India, Haridwar, Shantikunj. Shepherd. 2015.