Everyday is a Sunday

Lille, France 2014 – Back to the future

Everyday is a Sunday, photo essay by Nathanaël Fournier

Back in 2014 I moved from Belgium and I was living with my girlfriend in Southern France.
One day I received a phone call. A TV guy I didn’t know wanted to make a short documentary film about me and about my way of life. A friend of mine told him I was the right person for his film  project: the theme was “Everyday is a sunday”.

These 8 photos are from these few months of living and photographing on the streets of Marmande, Toulouse and my hometown Lille. This project ended when I broke my point-and-shoot film camera.
Two months ago I found in my films folders this series that was not edited.
I just did it and that’s called… “Everyday is a Sunday”.

(by Nathanaël Fournier)

Marmande, France 2014 – White dog
Lille, France 2014 – Dressing
Lille, France 2014 – Don’t shoot
Marmande, France 2014 – Viva la vie
Lille, France 2014 – The look
Toulouse, France 2014 – In the bag
Marmande, France 2014 – Derelict house