Elegy, photo essay by Valeria Pierini

Elegy is characterized by arguments from a diversity of content in opposition to the epic.

In this project, the only narrative component is visual alignment between images. I took mild images where subjects are decontestualized, as in a dream, in a vision. Something that is not epic or narrative but elegiac, poetic and dreamlike. Something where it is not important what happens but what appears without giving importance to its beginning or end, which remain both hypothetical.

(by Valeria Pierini)


Valeria Pierini

Valeria Pierini, 1984, is a young Italian artist graduated in Mass Communication at University of Perugia. Through photography and video, Valeria works on the themes of the dream, philosophy and literature. She teaches photography and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works have been widely selected in many festivals and competitions and published by many magazines.

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