Rodyna moja

Kosiv, Ukraine – June 2017. Ganusia and Nastia, two sisters in the living room of Nastia

Rodyna moja, photo essay by Ruslan Hrushchak

The “Rodyna moja” photo series consists of photographs taken in the Ukraine in 2017. The word “Rodyna”, which in Russian means “homeland” and in the Ukrainian language “kinship”, provides the series’ context: The photographer sets out on a journey, prompted by an accident of a family member, through a country he left as a young man 20 years ago. He revisits his homeland in a state of battle, a battle for a better future against the consequences of war, economic stagnation and an increasing loss of people of the younger generation who emigrate in masses. He meets his kinsfolk, scattered in various rural and urban areas of the country, during a transition from poor to more prosperous, a transformation from old to new. Thus the portrayal of the relationship between land and family becomes a subtle snapshot of Ukrainian society today.

(by Ruslan Hrushchak

Woloshcha, Ukraine – February 2017. Ivan with a photograph of himself as a younf man

Woloshcha, Ukraine – February 2017. Ivan and Slavka in their living room

Woloshcha, Ukraine – February 2017. Anna an her traditional embroideries

Drohobytsch, Ukraine – February 2017. Lida and Slavko in their christmas living room

Drohobytsch, Ukraine – February 2017. Ivanna waved her 34-year-old husband Mykola off to the Donbass war

Dumychi, Ukraine – February 2017. Ivan after his 9-month as a soldier in the Donbass war

Kosiv, Ukraine – June 2017. Perto in his kitchen

Drohobytsch, Ukraine – June 2017. Andrij after his back accident

Drohobytsch, Ukraine – June 2017. Maria and her budgie

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