It’s me

It’s me, by Carlos Ponce-Melendez

It hurts to be in love

We don’t choose the creature we fall in love with
a combination of chemical in our body
tell us who is irresistible to us.

Without concern for age, civil status
or prospect of success
an organic function mandates us to fall,
not for the most convenient but
for the most attractive to our genes.

Survival of our species makes us
desire the individual better suited
for reproduction. As if we were
in danger of extinction.

It hurts to be in love,
we can’t make reasonable choices,
we are fated to follow our DNA whims.

How many times do we fall for
the married, or the very young
or the unattainable famous and stupid?

And stupid we become trying to satisfy
natural impulses to conquer
what our brain tells us not to try.

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