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Gdansk, Poland, October 2016

Erasmus+, photo essay by Spiros Zervoudakis.
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In young children, there is a rather raw perception that people are not so different among them. This circle of tolerance of the different is quite broad in teenagers and young adults as well. If the core of knowledge is change and adaptation, then “Erasmus +” program is the perfect tool. Teachers and students interact in an environment away from established stereotypes of the national school. The exchange of ideas and experiences, the common plans and adolescent dreams, establish such values that leave no space to racism and intolerance.

(Spiros Zervoudakis)

Brno, Czech republic, April 2017
Brno, Czech republic, April 2017
Brno, Czech republic, April 2017
Austeritz, Czech republic, April 2017
Athens, Greece, February 2016
Gdansk, Poland, October 2016
Thessaloniki, Greece, February 2015
Brno, Czech republic, April 2017
Brno, Czech republic, April 2017
Gospic, Croatia, September 2016
Gdansk, Poland, October 2016
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Spiros Zervoudakis

Spiros Zervoudakis was born in Athens. He studied Mathematics in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , continued with Post Graduate studies (Msc) in Applied Mathematics in Technical University of Crete and Philosophy of Mathematics in National University of Athens. His works are exhibited in the “Benaki Museum” , in the Benetton Foundation’s collection, in the Municipal Gallery of Chania, in “Contemporary Art Museum – Olivepress” as well as in many private collections in Greece and abroad. He lives, works and creates in the city of Chania, Crete.

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