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Yogyakarta, Indonesia – 15 April 2017

Ecology, photo essay by Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo

Ecology is a project that brings about the journey and a form of story that Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo has experienced while at some time in a location that amazes us about a state that displays the power of god. They have their respective roles, between Humans, Animals and the Environment. We try to present a story through photographs that would represent the circumstances and reality of what was there at that time.

TPAS Piyungan is located in Dusun Ngablak, Desa Sitimulyo, Piyungan Subdistrict, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. Established in 1992 and started operation in April 1996. TPas Piyungan is the final dumping point in Yogyakarta. Like an ocean, all kinds of garbage accumulate there and because of a process that takes so long that soil and waste have hardened and become one with the earth. If we walk more to the center, we will find Water Lindi. Water Lindi is a liquid that seeps down from the waste pile formed by dissolving and rinsing dissolved matter and decaying processes by microbial activity after the presence of external water, including rainwater, into the pile of waste.

During the day, a group of people perform a routine which is also the source of their livelihood. They work every time to scavenge garbage. Their working hours are uncertain, sometimes they often work from morning to night. With such long working hours it can indirectly threaten their health. It can be seen from the pile of garbage dumps, obviously this can cause various diseases such as skin diseases, diarrhea and so forth. However, with all kinds of problems. They remain friendly when receiving guests, this is evident when we visit to carry out photography activities there. They allow us to be photographed, also invite to climb the dashboard over a car so the range can be wider. An eastern and Yogyakarta hospitality we still feel amidst the frenzied reality of their lives. Another situation was clearly visible, fat cows and wild passes crowded the area of TPAS. But fat does not mean that they are healthy. The cow lives and survives by eating waste there. The cows will experience a simple cycle but enough irony, They will grow up by eating garbage because there is no other choice, then they live in a state that looks healthy because of fat body, then they will have a disease. In their mouth and their rectum will come out a mucus. Then slowly they will die and become a carcass there.

This documentation is very memorable for us personally, because many things we get. Not only are the photos interesting but also the experience that keeps us always grateful for what we have right now. Hopefully what we present can be a lesson and a benefit. And we apologize for any kind of error both information and words that make a party feel hurt. For verily the truth belongs only to Allah SWT. Thank you for all the parties involved in the process of making this project. Have a good time watching.


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Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo

Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo was born in Cirebon, Jawabarat, Indonesia on August 6, 1997. He has an interest in visual arts since elementary school. He often draws the back of his textbooks. In junior high school he started playing with his mother's pocket camera by photographing various things around him, especially his beloved cat. There was no seriousness in photography and still pursue his hobby of drawing. Later, in 2015 he did have full of interest in photography because of the influence of his close friends. From that time on, he learned various types of photography. By the end of 2016, he had an interest in street photography because he can express and tell a lot of things. Until now he is still learning about street and documentary photography and his work is heavily influenced by poetry, literature, philosophy, and social issues.

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