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I’m sinking in Myself

Kuakata, Bangladesh – June 2017. I’m sinking in Myself 1

I’m sinking in Myself, photo essay by Faysal Zaman

Having been depressed for a while, my psychological state had gone bizarre and that’s when I tried to visualize my personal feelings towards my space and myself. My existence is no truer to me. I am stuck somewhere far away from this reality. Some place abstract. I am grappling to find a peace in my psyche, a peace that is lost on the tormenting road of life, on the road of angst, on the road with lots of obstacles. It’s about letting thyself take some rest on that road without being too harsh. It’s about taking a closer look into my inner world. And that feeling is complicated and the images come out as weird as my feelings are. I’m sinking in myself where God is an astronaut counting on me!

(by Faysal Zaman)

I’m sinking in Myself 2
I’m sinking in Myself 3
I’m sinking in Myself 4
I’m sinking in Myself 5
I’m sinking in Myself 6
I’m sinking in Myself 7
I’m sinking in Myself 8

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Faysal Zaman

Faysal Zaman, 24, hailing from the metropolis of Dhaka. I reflected a varied personality including ambition and the quality of generosity and thoughtfulness. I’m… More »

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