Glow Of Gloom

Glow Of Gloom, photo essay by Kevin Andrean

We bind the Ego.
Sometimes we are consumed by a lust.
The Lust of profane.
The mind becomes blind.
We see one side, and claim it like a shit.

We don’t think about benefits and essence.
Just see the physical.

Nature never ceases to show it’s existence

It’s about the Glow of Gloom

The Scream on Silent

(by Kevin Andrean)


Kevin Andrean

Hi! My name is Kevin Andrean. I was born in 1995 and still study at University Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, majoring Economic, concentrated at Management Human Resources. I have been interested in human being since I was adolescent. I love to interacted with people around of me. Anyway, I love photography. I was and still is in fall in love with photography started in SHS. I'm a Visual Artist, with specific passion on stage photography, street photography, macro arts, and now studying on fine art photography.

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