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Varanasi in Monochrome

Varanasi, India-December 2016-A boy was selling Flowers at 4.00 am at Dasashwamedh Ghat

Varanasi in Monochrome, photo essay by Subhajit Naskar

Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh is one of the oldest living cities in the world and one of the seven holiest places in India.
The whole city is fascinated by ancient architecture, graffiti , colourful narrow lanes and most important several ghats where one can find several activities. For these reasons Varanasi is always favourite for any Street and Travel Photographer.  Pilgrims from different places of the world come to explore Varanasi throughout the year.
Varanasi in a very colourful city that is a placenta for any kind of art form. People come here to get salvation. All the alleys of this old city is associated with thousands of myths.
I heard that dream has no colour, no distraction. Varanasi is as beautiful as dream. So let us discover this colourful city in a monochromatic flavor.

(by Subhajit Naskar)

Varanasi, India-December 2016-The Man was watching Ganga Arti from Dasashwamedh ghat
Varanasi, India-December 2016-A Pandit was going to set his wooden shade. This umbrella like structure protects them from sunlight
Varanasi, India-December 2016- Young girl and her father was busy to capture seagull bird
Varanasi, India -December 2016- Washerman was washing clothes at Dhobi ghat
Varanasi, India-December 2016-Two little children were posing like Radha Krishna when a lady was passing by and covering her face with burkha
Varanasi, India-December 2016-Horse was found in Vyas Kashi, riverside place of Varanasi
Varanasi, India-December 2016-Old lady came to Varanasi for Salvation
Varanasi, India-December 2016- Burning Ghat at Varanasi: Manikarnika.
Varanasi, India-December 2016- Half burnt wood was collected at Manikarnika Ghat
Varanasi, India-December 2016-These wood blocks are used to burning dead bodies
Varanasi, India-December 2016-Seagull birds on the river
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Subhajit Naskar

(1992), I’m a Kolkata Based Freelance Photographer and blogger. I love to capture every little emotion through my lens. The ever flowing stream of… More »


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