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The afternoon people

Bandung, Indonesia – Mei 2017. When the afternoon comes

The afternoon people, photo essay by Vina Fatma Sari

One day I tried to go to a place in Bandung is always crowded, from morning to night. As a street photography lover, I try to learn to photograph a simple but meaningful moment. I take hours to watch what some people do on the green grass. Although what I got was a feeling of emptiness in the crowd.

But I understand something,there hope arise. I hope to be the busiest human among the other human beings. Not allowing this self to think something makes me stop or give up. I just have to keep going even though I have to crawl.

(by Vina FS)

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Vina Fatma Sari

[b. 1992] I'm just a women who loves to learn to take pictures on the street.

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